Trending Craft Ideas For The Novice That Can Be Profitable

Would you like to make money from your crafting hobby? While the market is competitive, there are some popular projects that sell to consumers widely – and that are simple to make.Some hot crafting ideas that can turn a profit are:

Anything personalized. Customers want personalized and customized products for gifts, promotions, and boosters. This project begins with rolls of vinyl transfer paper or tape, which creates the popular vinyl lettering and graphics for cups, accessories, housewares, and a range of items previously more difficult to customize. The investment is small, and labor is minimal, which could yield you a healthy profit at a craft fair or arts show in your region. Consider products like Siser HTV for this purpose.

Eco-friendly candles. Candles are always popular and easy to make, but the trend is moving toward eco-friendly variations to promote sustainability. Look for fair-trade materials and vegan soy wax to encourage consumers to watch their carbon footprint.

Handcrafted toiletries. Making your own soap and bath products is becoming a lucrative profession for many home-crafters and artisans. Furthermore, these are such practical items that many enthusiasts simply make their own soaps and hygiene products to save money. Making soap is an excellent creative venue that requires few materials and little skill to get started.

Simple lights. Start saving different shaped bottles to fill with string lights for an easy and inexpensive art object. The bottles illuminate and glow, creating a unique and festive accent that sells-well at holiday bazaars and festivals. Buy miniature string-lights that are battery-operated to prevent a strand of lights running out of the bottle to the power-source.

Yard totems. Big, bold yard totems are an exciting new product popping-up at markets and fairs widely. These are often made from recycled housewares, crockery, or metal, and can be painted or embellished as desired. The profit in this project comes from finding unwanted and salvaged materials and keeping your costs low.

Up-cycled crafts. Some other popular upcycled craft projects are much-smaller, like teacup bird feeders. The touch of whimsy from the vintage teacup and saucer and the overall ease of making it create a cost-efficient craft that will fly out the door at sales and shows! To complete your feeder, you will need some chain, jewelry bales, glue, and, of course, your teacup and saucer; a pair of snips help tremendously, too.

Make a few dollars off your hobby with these potentially-profitable ideas. Visit hobby and crafting sites to find the materials you need, like vinyl transfer paper, and consider sharing your crafts with peers, patrons, or other people.